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Rug cleaning for discerning Perth customers.

Modern living places demands on our homes and soft furnishings. None more so than when it comes to oriental or area rug maintenance. Whether it is general dirt or the occasional stain, that new rug will struggle to look good after a while. To make matters worse, it can be quite difficult to keep the items clean without expert help. Our Chem-Dry rug cleaning service is designed to bring your tired-looking rugs back to life.

Chem-Dry Perth rug cleaning tips.

Vacuum the rugs slowly in one direction and repeat at a ninety degree angle. Turn the rug over and repeat again on the backing of the rug. Some synthetic mats can be washed in a washing machine (provided they fit in). You should be aware that you may cause shrinkage or a colour bleed.

Handling delicate oriental rugs is best left to our Chem-Dry Perth rug cleaning service. If you try to do the work, you may damage the backing, fibres or cause colour migration. Our technicians are professionally trained with many years of rug cleaning experience. With our quick drying rug cleaning process, the risk of damage during the cleaning process is significantly reduced. The Rugchick provides extensive advice on rug maintenance. Unless you test every step of your cleaning process, it may be best to pay for expert restoration.

If you want a deep cleaning treatment for your expensive and regular rugs, contact Chem-Dry, the experts in all types of rug cleaning services.

Cleaning rugs is complicated work and mostly best left to the experts. The range of fibres and types of rug construction have a strong influence on the choice of the rug cleaning methods used.

For thoseĀ  who prefer doing the work themselves, we recommend that you read the advice from the Rugchick first.

Rug cleaning demands can be quite varied.

There are instances where rugs can only be hand cleaned. Delicate and old rugs with vegetable dyes fall in this group of rug cleaning. In some instances (with silk rugs), solvent cleaning is the best option. We do also treat rug with colour migration chemicals from time to time.

Area rugs are quite often cleaned at the customer’s home with a combination of extraction and bonnet cleaning. Our range of cleaning chemicals deliver great results.

The low moisture water based system we use with Chem-Dry, is ideal for cleaning wool rugs. They dry quickly and regain that special sheen and lustre.

When rugs are affected by urine, this calls for much more drastic restoration. Rug cleaning of this type is best done offsite. Our technicians will collect the rugs, take them to our rug cleaning facility where rug immersion is the preferred option. We immerse, clean, sanitise and dry the rugs and deliver them back to you.

Regardless of the process, we have the ability to look after your rugs.

We will give your rugs a new lease of life

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