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Mould Removal

mould removal

Leather jacket ruined by mould.

Mould Removal For Better Results.

In Perth, some homes suffer from moisture leakages that cause mould to grow. Health problems as a result of contact with mould are well documented. It is now proven that mould spores can trigger asthma and other allergies.

Things we’ll do:

First, we locate the source of the moisture. Moisture probes and Hygrometers are used. Occasionally, we also use infra red cameras to find moisture in walls or floors where other equipment cannot locate the problem.

Second, we will dry the problem areas. Without moisture, mould cannot grow or increase.

Third, we will remove the mould by wiping the affected areas with some water, detergent and a microfibre cloth.  It is counterproductive to spray bleach based products onto mould as it is often diluted and can actually spread the mould problem to other areas of your home.

Then we will advise you on the more permanent solutions of keeping a home healthy and as mould free as possible. Sometimes water ingress through a concrete screed is to blame, other times it may be lack of ventilation, leaking showers or a cracked roof tile. Remedial building work can be required. In extreme cases it is recommended you throw out mouldy carpets, couches, and other mouldy possessions. The important link between moisture and mould is discussed by Pingi Australia in more detail.

Give us a call on 1800 361 282 if you have mould problems. Our mould removal team is ready to help.

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