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Mattress Cleaning and Sanitisation

mattress cleaning

Quality cleaning solutions for outstanding results.

Mattress cleaning for a good night’s sleep.

Most of our customers ignore mattress cleaning as part of the home cleaning chores. This does not make a lot of sense when you consider that you spend almost a third of the day resting.

Different aspects of mattress cleaning.

Although regular professional mattress cleaning is recommended, you can take certain steps on your own to keep your mattress clean. As a rule, vacuum the bed base and mattress as well as wash the sheets regularly. If you have pets or children playing or jumping onto the beds, the amount of dust and potential bacteria increases. This attracts more dust mites which can increase a range of allergies.

Our professional mattress cleaning services are helpful in cleaning your mattresses efficiently and deeply. We are equipped with a range of cleaning solutions and equipment that remove dirt, spillages, dust and mites from all possible corners, leaving your mattress feeling and looking new. For instance, when the mattress needs in-depth cleaning, our professionals would use steam cleaning combined with extensive extraction and drying to get the optimal result.

For professional mattress cleaning, call Chem-Dry.

Experienced technicians and friendly advice forms part of our quality service. We form part of an international Franchise network that is constantly working towards creating superior cleaning solutions.

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