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Chem-Dry Products

Chem-Dry Products available to customers.

Our range of Chem-Dry products are quite extensive. We cover everything from stain removal, to fabric protectors, to dust mite treatment, among others.

Chem-Dry Spot Remover.

ChemDry Products

Great for most stubborn stains.

The most popular item in our Chem-Dry Products range is our spot remover.  This is a general spot remover for stains like drinks, food and even blood stains. The Spot Remover is carbonated and designed for use on carpets and lounges. It is less effective on oil based stains.

Chem-Dry Grease and Oil Remover.

ChemDry Products

Specialist stain remover for oil-based stains.

This is part of our Chem-Dry Products range that is aimed at tar, oil and grease type stains. It is a special stain remover for very specific types of stains.

Carpet Deoderiser.

ChemDry Deo

Keep your home smelling clean and fresh

This product is combined with a great smell of a lemon grove. It is applied with soil resistant polymers. Great to maintain your carpet between cleans.

Dust Mite Anti-Allergen.

ChemDry Product

Keep allergies in check.

This product helps keel allergies under control. Works best when sprayed on beds or sofas. It neutralises the dust mite droppings and helps you to breathe easier.

All the Chem-Dry Products are researched and produced by Harris Research in the USA. They supply all Chem-Dry cleaning solutions worldwide. Great care is taken to  ensure that our products are safe and effective.


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