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Spillages will happen.

Carpet cleaning in Perth with quality service.

Carpet cleaning is a very important part of maintaining a clean house. Regular maintenance means your carpets stay looking great for a lot longer.

When do carpets get dirty?

Dust and dirt in the air are much more of an issue than most people think. Sand and dust settle in a carpet and can affect the fibers  over time. One of the main culprits is when you walk into your house from the garden or street without removing your shoes. You bring outside bacteria into the house and a carpet often can act like a sponge in absorbing organic matter.

Busy homes with small kids and pets present an additional cleaning challenge. Unsightly and smelly stains can become embarrassing. Our service is geared to looking after you and your family.

Why is Chem-Dry carpet cleaning special?

Our focus is about delivering quality cleaning. The owner of Chem-Dry Residential and Commercial is hands-on and involved in providing great quality results and ensures that the carpets dry very quickly. That is, after all, what Chem-Dry carpet cleaning is famous for. Carbonated carpet cleaning ensures that dirt is lifted to the surface for easy extraction. You can walk on the carpets afterwards and use the rooms within an hour or two.

We have dedicated cleaning solutions for specific stains. They are all tested in the USA for maximum performance as well as making sure the products are as safe as possible. Our cleaning services involve much more than just the cleaning of carpets. If you consider that we clean couches, tile and grout, beds and mattresses, we are able to look after just about any of your cleaning needs.

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